Game On


Game On

Game On

October 15, 2020


LUFC has resumed all scheduled activities earlier this week and games will proceed as scheduled this weekend.

As we resume, it's imperative that all players, parents, families, and spectators follow our return-to-play protocols. We understand these are divisive times with a wide range of feelings towards mask-wearing, but how we feel has no relevance to the issue at hand. These are REQUIREMENTS from our national and state soccer associations. If we want to continue offering programming as we currently are, these are steps that MUST be taken. Failure to follow these requirements may lead to players being unable to participate or cancellation of games before or during play.


Players and Coaches

  • Players are required to social distance when not playing and to wear face coverings when in the team technical area during games - Players may only remove face coverings when entering the game or warming up
  • Coaches are required to wear face coverings at all times
  • No early arrival and warm up in areas outside of the playing field prior to the game (to allow teams and supporters at previous games to leave the facility)
  • Prior to, during and following a match there will be no handshakes, high fives, or other unnecessary contact; even within the team.
  • Any player or coach exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms of any kind must refrain from participation for 10 days or until medical clearance through a primary care provider has been acquired.


  • EVERYONE AT THE EVENT IS REQUIRED to wear a face covering upon arrival, when traveling from their vehicle to the fields; upon departure when traveling from the fields to their vehicle; when moving around the facility between fields and through common areas such as headquarters, bathrooms and on the sidelines during games. 
  • Any spectator who cannot meet this requirement may observe from a vehicle and/or be absent from the fields/facility until the match is completed.
  • No more than two spectators per player are allowed at a match if spectators are allowed
  • Spectators will be located on the same side of field as the team they support to reduce interaction between competing teams and their supporters. Spectators MUST stay distanced from the team area of the sideline.
  • Each club is responsible for compliance for their own members. Home club or game officials will not be enforcing compliance.

You have probably heard this a multitude of times over the past seven months: We are living in some challenging times. As a club we are working hard to help get through this, provide some semblance of normal, and provide as many opportunities for our children as possible….in the safest environment possible. It is safe to say most of this is divisive to varying degrees and that we are living in a charged environment. While everyone may not agree 100% with every aspect about how to combat the virus, out thanks to your understanding and flexibility in helping us sludge our way through it. 


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