Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The Community Soccer Tournament has been rescheduled from October 2020 to Spring 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  LUFC appreciates looks forward to gathering all of our Community Soccer teams together for an incredible tournament as soon as we are safely able.

LUFC Community Soccer Tournament

About Community Soccer Tournament

The LUFC Community Soccer Tournament has been a longstanding tradition in the Sheboygan-area extending back to over 30 years.  This is a fun and exciting opportunity for recreational players and teams to enjoy a tournament format. We strive to provide all in attendance an environment that promotes sportsmanship and competitiveness while showcasing youth athletes.


This is not a WYSA sanctioned event. No players having been issued a WYSA player card to participate in WYSA sanctioned soccer are allowed to participate. A player may only be registered on one team, may only play for that team during the tournament, and must be a recreational player. Violations of any tournament rules may result in game forfeiture and possible tournament disqualification.

Guest Players

The tournament committee prefers to have only complete teams compete but will allow up to 3 guest players from one other team to play with a team. Guest players will not be allowed for the purpose of “maxing” out a fall league roster (i.e., if fall league roster is 14 and roster limit is 18, you may not add 3 guest players, but if you have 11 players and wish 14, you may add three guest players). Official recreation rosters will be required from the team of the guest players.



We cannot host a tournament of this size without the committment from our parent volunteers.  Thank you for investing your time into our club and community.  With your help, everybody in attendance, including our out-of-town guests, will have an enjoyable tournament experience.  

Sign-ups will be via Sign-Up Genius.  Information about the types of volunteer roles and responsibilities are currently avialable and shifts will be posted approximately 1 month prior to the tournament.  

2021 Spring Tournament

2021 Spring Tournament

Dates:  Spring 2021

Divisions:  Boys/Coed and Girls

1st Grade

4 v 4
Max Roster Size = 8
2nd Grade $80/team
4 v 4
Max Roster Size = 8
3rd/4th Grade $150/team
7 v 7
Max Roster Size = 16
5th/6th Grade $175/team
9 v 9
Max Roster Size = 16
7th/8th Grade $200/team
11 v 11
Max Roster Size = 18
Teams must play in the same grade level they are registered for the season or play up a level.


Rules:  Tournament Rules

Forms:  LUFC Waiver

Registration:  Registration Form



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Contact Information

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Phone: (920) 207-1167

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LUFC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization