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Results U11 - U14

2019 Lakeshore United FC Tryout Results and Guidelines

Players will be place on teams and identified by their first & last initials followed by birthdate, for example Joe Player born on 05/06/01 would be listed on the team they made as "JP050601".  

Players offered spots on teams will have until 8:00 pm on Monday, June 17th, to accept or decline their roster spot (call the contact on the bottom of the applicable roster).   Coaches will contact all players who have not accepted or declined after this time frame to confirm.

The process to accept your spot is using the contact information listed, contact the coach and accept either with an email, phone call or text message.  Then Register using your Demosphere Account account and pay your acceptance down payment of club fees.  To pay club fees you will either write/mail a check to "LUFC" (within 5-7 days) or by using the Demosphere system and a credit card.  There are payment plan options available to all participants.  Scholarship candidates need to request forms at this time. Registration should to be completed by Monday June 18th.  Team organizational meetings will take place soon after.

Players will be offered spots on either Navy or Green teams.  In certain circumstances numbers dictate the need to combine players to create either pool teams or green teams.

LUFC has utilized in the past, either combining multiple age groups to form a team and played up or in specific circumstances utilized the “pool concept” within one specific age group.  Given player development objectives and player numbers for the 2019 / 2020 season, several of this year’s teams will be utilizing pool training/teams.  This will apply to the age groups U14B, U14G and U13G.  LUFC feels that this model for these specific teams is best for the development of the players in these groups.

What it is:

  • For these age groups it is felt that this is the best course of action to impact positively the most players.
  • Each pool team will have a USSF “C” licensed Head Coach responsible for that team.  There will also be 1-2 dedicated assistant coaches that will be specific to that team.  LUFC looks to maintain a 1:16 coach to player ratio.
  • Players will train 3 times per week at the direction of the Head Coach, with multiple stations and coaches.  This will allow for the best practice situations and development from multiple sources.
  • Teams will play two schedules (typically one State League and one SECL) with players assigned to an equitable amount of games when schedules are released.  The same approach will be used with tournaments.  This will allow for smaller game day rosters (maximizing playing opportunities) without impacting numbers at trainings.
  • The coaches that have been selected to lead these teams have utilized this before and have very capable assistant coaches (all previous head coaches at some point in their careers)

What it is not:

  • It will not be a case of one coach and too many players.  Players will be challenged at a level appropriate to their skill set and within an environment that has a 1:16 coach/player ratio or better
  • It will not be a weekly shuffling of players.  Players will be assigned at the beginning of the scheduled season.

This approach is being utilized regardless of player numbers (sometimes with 2-3 full teams) with very good success at other clubs and ODP.  The premise behind it is that most players develop at various rates and that the real difference in players abilities is constantly changing.  To place players in static training systems or in some cased to cut a player who is not that different from one that is kept can be avoided with this model.

We realize that this is change, new information and that will create questions as such we will be available for questions on Friday 6/14 at HM concession stand as follows:

U13G 5:15             U14G 5:45             U14B 6:15

It is also recognized that the timing of this is somewhat of an issue, but this circumstance it is dictated by the number of players that actually tried out and results that aren’t fully known till the event.  As such, we will be extending the deadline to accept to Monday 6/17 8:00pm.

If there are immediate questions, please contact Jonathan via phone (414) 238-4886.

Any questions about this process can be directed to Jonathan Greenfield (414) 238-4886 .  

If a "Navy" team roster spot is declined, players who have accepted or "Green" team offers may be considered. These secondary offers will be made by the coach with a phone call to the candidate.  

2019 LUFC Girls Tryout Results

2019 LUFC Boys Tryout Results

Please Select Your Birth Year Tab Look for Initials & Birth Date

Player will be listed on either Navy or Green Team by initials followed by birth date.  Please contact your listed coach by email of phone by Monday accept.

Teams will be place in appropriate level league as determined by DOC Jonathan Greenfield.  All questions related to placement should be directed to Jon at either or (414)238-4886

Other questions related to registration and payment can be directed to the LUFC administrator at