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Results U14 - U18

2018 Lakeshore United Tryout Results and Guidelines

Players will be place on teams and identified by their first & last initials followed by birthdate, for example Joe Player born on 05/06/01 would be listed on the team they made as "JP050601".  

Players offered spots on teams will have until 5:00 pm on Sunday, June 17th, to accept or decline their roster spot (call the contact on the bottom of the applicable roster).   Coaches will contact all players who have not accepted or declined after this time frame to confirm.

The process to accept your spot is using the contact information listed, contact the coach and accept either with an email, phone call or text message.  Then Register using your ACTIVE account and pay your acceptance down payment of club fees.  To pay club fees you will either write/mail a check to "LUFC" (within 5-7 days) or by using the ACTIVE system and a credit card.  Scholarship candidates need to request forms at this time. Registration should to be completed by Monday June 18th.  Team organizational meetings will take place soon after.

Teams with full offer rosters can offer "practice player" spots.  These players will train, attend team camps and be part of the team.   For games and tournaments where there is a roster spot they will be asked to play, additionally they can be placed on RED teams for games.  Players will pay a significantly reduced club fee of $150.  LUFC has tested and used this category of player at the HS level with success, allowing for players to continue to develop.  Any questions about this process can be directed to Jonathan Greenfield.  

If a "Navy" team roster spot is declined, players who have accepted "Practice Player" or "Green" team offers may be considered. These secondary offers will be made by the coach with a phone call to the candidate.  


For HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS please review all teams as there can be considerable movement between birth years for this years teams.

2018 LUFC Girls Tryout Results

2018 LUFC Boys Tryout Results