Games will be assigned based on the availability schedule provided at the beginning of the season. You can referee every week or only a few games if you want. If you have a friend or relative interested in officiating, please extend the invitation to contact us for an availability schedule.

We will schedule all referees with the best interest of the organization in mind. Experience, certification or current training, and reliability are factors used when determining the schedule. Requests to officiate with a friend will be considered but not guaranteed. Our goal is to schedule two referees per game with the exception for U7/8 games which will only have one official.

Please submit the availability form with “xxx“ in the dates and times you are available to officiate. The forms will be used to assign games based on your availability, experience (including certification) and dependability. 



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Phone: (920) 207-1167
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Nonprofit Status

LUFC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization